Spiritually real estate

“So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us.” 2 Corinthians 20 NLT

Oh, my. Does my daily life truly mirror being an ambassador for Christ? I fear my diplomatic status being revoked. Perhaps even find myself sitting at the gates of the embassy, unable to provide myself worthy of the very immunity I’m supposed to grant others.

A small voice inside says, “Gee, Christa, you’re not an awful person.” But a bigger voice shouts, “Well, now, that’s not exactly the life Christ called you to. I don’t remember any Scripture about blessed are those who are not awful. “

I want others to recognize that Christ lives in me, even if the moving van is still unloading the furniture.


3 thoughts on “Spiritually real estate

  1. It is scary, isn’t it, to think I might be the closest thing to Jesus some people will ever come in contact with. 😦 Puts fear in me. Especially when I realize why we are here on earth: Certainly not for our own gain, but soley to glorify Jesus and further the Kingdom of God. Sometimes this really hits me in the gut. . .but way too many times, I go my merry way thinking of me, me, me and what I can do, do, do to keep me, me, me happy.

  2. Don’t worry Christa, we ALL know there’s something “different” about you…hmm..:o)

    Just know that you inspire others, and if I may speak for my classmates, we all look up to you. Decrease so HE may increase!

    Have a fabulous day.

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