—–and confused


One more entry for the National Board portfolio!

I have made several important discoveries during this process. Some of them, I will probably not share until after scores are released.

When you ask? NOVEMBER. 

Oh, and in June, I will travel to Beaumont to take the three hour, six question assessment test.

Scores in November. In the same amount of time  women can gestate and deliver a baby. I’m too tired to make the metaphorical stretch.

I’ve already decided that whenever the scores are released, I won’t have the courage to look first. I couldn’t even sit through five consecutive minutes of Silence of the Lambs.

Here’s one epiphany…if I can persevere and discipline myself to finish this massive portfolio, why am I not this focused when I’m finishing my own writing? (Don’t answer that—it’s a rhetorical question).

So–the pay off, for me, in addition to the possibility of adding NBCT behind my name after November of 2007, is that I may be able to add….published? And the sound you’ll hear, my friends, is the Alleluia chorus.



2 thoughts on “—–and confused

  1. Believe me Christa, when its time for the scores, you will be frothing at the mouth to see them (because of the little wait from submitting to finding out). Also, not only will you add NBC to your name, but you will finish your wips and add Novelist to your name.
    I willl be waiting for the chorus…

  2. Okay look at it this way by this time next year you won’t have create a verbal road map every 2.5 seconds for your students to find the line that they consistently cross.

    Oh and save me a wristband! i’ll try to come by tomorrow and pick one up.

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