Censuring the censorship

See these girls? These girls are juniors in high school. Why are they sitting on the TODAY show couch? Why aren’t they in school?


So glad you asked.

The three were suspended for a day from John Jay High School in New York because of a word they used in a passage they read at “open mike” night at their school. Fasten your seat belt. I am going to print the word. Vagina. Oh, and the passage was from “The Vagina Monologues.”

According to the story on MSNBC, “Principal Richard Leprine has said the suspensions, which are being reviewed, stemmed from the girls’ insubordination, not from their use of the word itself. He said the girls broke a promise not to include the word in their reading.”

If the girls promised, well, not standing by your word is an issue, I’ll admit. But the principal knew they were reading from “The Vagina Monologues.” How would they be expected to reference their source, which any junior in high school knows by now is terribly important in research paper and plagiarism land? Did he expect them to say the passage was from “The We Can’t Say the Word But Think in the Area of PeePee Monologues”?

Holy anatomy. I suppose it’s gender justice after the use of the word “scrotum” in The Higher Power of Lucky sent some librarians over their bookshelves.

Here’s what make this entire suspension an absolute hypocrisy. Again, from the MSN story, a quote from Peter Breslin, the school board president, ” the episode highlights a need for a closer examination of school policy — especially considering another student wasn’t challenged for using the “F word” during his reading the same night.”

Okay, Mr. Breslin, you may go to the head of the class. Just be careful what you say when you get there.


One thought on “Censuring the censorship

  1. hmmmm, the principal allowed the F word and not the “V” word. something is wrong with this picture.. So what do they use in health class?? Seems like the girls should be commended for sticking to the author’s plan.

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