They’re the 10 Commandments, not the 10 Suggestions

On the As If! blog (Authors Support Intellectual Freedom), there’s a story about a group of parents who have devised a way to eliminate objectionable books from their children’s school libraries.

They steal them.

Well, not steal; more like long term borrowing. They check the book out. For eternity. One of the parents is quoted, “If you take it out and don’t return it, no kid can read it. It’s not censoring; it’s protecting our children from lies.”

So far, this parent has “protected ” her children twice by checking out two books that she says contain false information about Cuba. Now, this makes me wonder what books her parents may have checked out of her school library. Hmm. Let me think. Books with information about Moses and the Ten Commandments, maybe? Any book with “Thou Shalt Not” in the title?

I have an idea. What if those of us who oppose this nonsense find ways to spirit books into the library?


One thought on “They’re the 10 Commandments, not the 10 Suggestions

  1. Ok Christa, you figure out how we spirit books into the library and I guarantee I will help.
    Stealing is stealing, no matter what you call it.

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