Dangerous minds?

Education in Italy is brutal.

First, the story of the new teacher who snipped off the tongue of a child who would not stop talking. That’s one way to cut your career short.

Then, today, the story of a principal worked over by the father and grandfather of a student because they were “unhappy” with his grades and because the principal had banned mobile phones.

I’m thinking that perhaps the kid should have spent more time listening to teachers and less time text messaging. As far as I know, the Dept. of Education has not included “Cellular Phone Communication Exploration” as an accredited class. It’s probably, though, on the waiting list.

The arrogance of students who know rules, blatantly disregard them, and then explode when consequences are doled out truly astounds me. Unfortunately, many of these students are then “saved” by their parents who act as a force field between their kids and responsibility.

Clearly, cutting off a tongue is not the solution. That’s a no-brainer no matter how tempting it may seem in the throes of a disciplinary crisis. Using the principal as a punching bag? Maybe that’s an easier solution for some parents than actually dealing with their own children’s disrespect and obnoxious behavior.

We teachers want parents to become more involved in their children’s education. What happened in Italy is not what most of us have in mind.



2 thoughts on “Dangerous minds?

  1. Oh, my, Christa, I’m sorry I can’t read this entry. I got woozie in the first paragraph. I’m a very visual person. I’ll never be able to get your first paragraph out of my mind … ever!

    ARghhhhhh, I feel faint. 😦

    And I thought ruler slapping the palm of my hand was bad.

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