Professional Teaching Standards: not an oxymoron

Taking a break from National Boards. Entry 4  was finished a few weeks ago, all twelve types pages of it. Well, almost finished; I still have to photocopy sixteen pages of documentation to support the twelve pages.

On to Entry 1. Last week,  after almost thirty-six hours of dog-paddling in a sea of instructions, I finally emerged onto the wet sand of internalized understanding. Educational lingo for “I finally understand what I don’t understand so now I can go about the business of understanding for real.” I have to write about two students which, considering I teach over 100, seems like an easy task.   But no.  No units can overlap, students must show growth,  I must find a print response to a non-print text, a non-print response to a print, two writing samples, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Wait. I think I can make this bearable.
“On the first day of National Boards, my instructions said to…  “

Stay tuned. But know this: between now and March 31, I will be crazed.  Blogs may be stream of consciousness, assuming I still am conscious.  Pray for me.


4 thoughts on “Professional Teaching Standards: not an oxymoron

  1. Christa, I have all the confidence in the world in you. As you travel through the ambiguity of National Boards, just remember that there are plenty of people out here who KNOW you are an excellent teacher. Your doing great.
    NOw for the the second day of National Boards… two tapes that show what they want.

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