Whizz-dumb for eternity

Whizz/Whiz: a person who is quite good at a particular activity, in a certain field, etc.; a person who is unusually intelligent, clever, or successful especially at an early age + DUMB=recent revelations:

1. For two of my National Board portfolios, I have to tape my classes. I have to be in the tape. I have discovered to be true what students have been telling me for years. I am LOUD. Very LOUD. Perhaps God gave me a large voice to compensate for my being under five feet tall. I doubt, though, He intended to hear me in heaven without the use of a microphone.

2. Informing my students that these tapes will be reviewed by assessors has absolutely no bearing on their behavior. In fact, I have decided that some of them are truly media starved. they should purchase their own video camers. They should tape themselves, often. I have also decided to save these tapes for my next parent conference.

3. Denial truly isn’t just a river. When confronted with tape evidence of an offensive comment, a student will vehemently deny that s/he uttered it and blame another student in his desk neighborhood.

4. My classroom, on tape, looks as small as it really is.

If only I could sneak in Proverbs 8 about Wisdom (hmm–the writer does use a literary device portraying wisdom as a woman. . . ): “Nothing you desire can compare with it.” (8:11b)

While reading Proverbs this morning, I smiled when Wisdom said:

“I was the architect at his side. I was His constant delight, rejoicing always in his presence. And how happy I was with the world He created; how I rejoiced with the human family!” (8:30-31)

Wisdom: knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight.

My final revelation: My life is God’s tape.


2 thoughts on “Whizz-dumb for eternity

  1. if it seems like i said anything bad it was actually tung. oh and i read your opening to your novel or i guess it’s a novel, but anyway it was good. I really liked it. i don’t have anything outstanding to read right now and i got to the end hoping their was more. If i picked it up at Books-a-million i would buy it. or just sit in the aisle and read it until i had enough money to buy it.

  2. “My life is God’s tape.”
    I love that, Christa. I just told my husband today that I don’t think we really comprehend that God knows everything, EVERYTHING, we think and feel. I really is hard to comprehend. And frightening!

    Funny thing — when my daughter was in the 5th grade we had to meet with her teacher because of a little skirmish in class. Teacher was out of the room and seems my daughter picked up a desk and knocked both desk and boy over. What makes it so funny is that the kid who “testified” against her was in the principal’s office. He wasn’t even there to SEE what truly happened. :)) We had some funny things happen in school, but I’m sure glad those days are behind us.

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