Pronouns: Don’t try living without them

As an English teacher, I’ve plowed through pronoun lessons. You remember, all those cases and persons and antecedents. In my AP Language class, I teach my students to pay attention to word choices writers make. Generally, those choices are purposeful. Even Francine Prose devotes an entire chapter to words in Reading Like a Writer.

If I want to send my students into an immediate coma, I can whisper the word “grammar,” and I watch as the word draws its shade over the gleam in their eyes. Soon, only their physical shells are in the desks. Their brains are on the beach, or hunting–for fowl or Prom dresses. In the past, I’ve always reassured them that knowing the third person plural objective case pronoun will not save their lives. It’s doubtful that anyone will hold them up at gunpoint demanding the definition of an antecedent; in fact, if it did happen, it might be a sad day indeed.

Then I read this Bible verse: “The Lord will work out his plans for my life.” Psalm 138:8The Lord, being the Grand God of all Pronouns, is working out HIS plan for MY life. Not my plan for my life. His plan. The plan HE already has, and HE is now working it out.

So, I asked myself, why am I planning? The plan exists and it always has; it was born with me, probably before me. It was me. My prayer is to ask for HIS unfolding, for HIS grace in aligning myself with what HE has decided will be my life, to seek HIS vision for my future.

Pronouns. They can change lives.

3 thoughts on “Pronouns: Don’t try living without them

  1. Me too, Samuel. Great post, Christa. One I needed to read. Why am I struggling? I should pursue and enjoy a closelness with God and let Him reveal His plan for me in His own time, huh? Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! On my way to church — have a blessed Sunday.

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