I got ya taunting right here

Is it shallow of me to hope Peyton Manning smears Rex Gross-man in the Stupid Super Bowl?

Since Peyton’s a home-town guy, even though neither one of us is living in the town we once called home, I’d be delighted if the Saints exacted some vicarious retribution through him. Especially since the NFL fined Reggie Bush $5,000 for backflipping into the end zone. “Taunting” they called it. So rub our faces in it already. Losing wasn’t enough for you people? And then there was that sign some of the Bears fans sported, “The Bears are going to finish what Katrina started.” Oh, really? The wind in your city must tunnel itself through your empty brains.

The South may rise again–it just might take a detour through Indianopolis first.


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