Word Root-arama

I didn’t invent these, but wish I had! For more word fun, click here 


Meaning: Literary term for a very long paragraph.
Pronounciation: Para-thon
Usage: Parathons are considered bad for good writing.
Root: Paragraph+Marathon


Meaning: A song, to which people fall asleep.
Pronounciation: Dull+uh-bee
Usage: All lullabies should henceforth be called ‘dullabies’ since they make people fall asleep.
Root: Dull+Lullaby
Enthusiastically contributed by Gowri Shankar, Automotive, USA


One thought on “Word Root-arama

  1. Fauxgerized = Fake + Plagirized
    A way to blatantly copy someone’s work and brag about it.
    Jewtile = Jew + Gentile
    A Gentile that marries a Jewish person.
    Gisture = Gist + Gesture
    A body movement that defines who you are.
    Homoclaustraphobic = Homosexual + Claustraphobic
    Fear of being trapped in a closet (no pun) with someone of the same sex.
    Vomitimacy = Vomit + Intimacy
    The love for someone who vomits.

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