IQ yardstick

Great. Two Princeton economists have provided me yet another source of mommie guilt. According to Anne Case and Christina Paxson, the pre-natal care and first three years of my children’s lives determined the poundage of the proverbial bacon they’re frying up in the pan today. Case and Paxson believe proper early nutrition influences height and brains; therefore, taller=smarter.

And if that’s not enough, two other upshots determined that every inch of height amounts to a salary increase of $789 annually.

So is Bill Gates an anomaly? He’s so wealthy he’s probably loaning God money by now, but I don’t think he’s suffering strategic setbacks because of his height. Then again, one might argue that he’d be a quadrillionaire if he could arrange to plunk a few inches under his feet. Or, like The Donald, on top of his head.

I’m no scientist, and since I’m 59″ my IQ is now suspect, but just wondering here with my little midget brain. I don’t think my brain has fewer than the requisite 100-billion neurons because I’m shorter. Frankly, since I’m having to breathe the remnants of tall people’s air, I should be given a few points for that. No, make that inches.


Word puzzle solution: add “ant” to each word


One thought on “IQ yardstick

  1. According to this I should get payed $52,074. Since I do the majority of work in your class my salary should be paid in full to me from you. Start Paying Up C-Ballan.


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