Entertainment for you while I’m at school

(back to blog-land after school. . . )

A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same, if it’s turned back-to-front. The names Bob, Eve, and Otto are all palindromes. So’s the name of the pop group Abba. Try to identify palindromic words from the following clues. Good luck!

Example: Part of the body
Answer: Eye

1. Midday
2. A young dog
3. Flat
4. Word for addressing a lady
5. An Eskimo canoe
6. A system for detecting aircraft, ships, etc.
7. An action
8. Pieces of music for one person
9. Grass that grows on the seashore
10. In music, half a semibreve
11. Doctrine
12. Restorer


2 thoughts on “Entertainment for you while I’m at school

  1. When I decided to check out your blog, I didn’t realize you were going to make me think 😉 All I could get were noon, pup, ma’am, and radar. If this were a test, I would not be receiving the world’s best grade (unless you’re grading on a curve?). Please tell me you’re gonna give the answers.

  2. 1. noon
    2. pup
    4. madam
    5. kayak
    6. radar
    8. solos

    And a couple of phrases you might not have known were palindromes.

    Madam, I’m Adam. (Adam greeting Eve when they first met :P)
    A nut for a jar of tuna. (no idea where this came from :P)

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