Coaching means never having to say you’re sorry

Nick Saban and Alabama. At least we now understand the Saban M.O. Denial=Acceptance.  Amusing. He’s like some of us women who, when asked, “Is anything wrong, dear?” Answer, “No, of course not.” When we really mean, “You bet your pile of dirty socks on the floor and petrified toothpaste globs in the sink something’s wrong buddy. And you better figure it out soon.”

One news account said the money wasn’t the issue. Since when is $32 million not an issue? I’m probably far too fiscally dense, but where in the name of pigskin does this kind of money originate? A t $4 million a year, that’s almost $11,000 a day.  So, in three and a half days, Nick and I earn the same amount of money.

If I’m a professor at Alabama, you betcha I’m wondering why the money wells are disproportionate. A high school coach, years ago told me, “Darlin’ the only place academics comes before athletics is in the dictionary.”

True. But education still comes before football — in and out of the dictionary.

I suppose we’ll forgive Nick. But if Alabama runs out wearing purple and gold, the gloves are off.

From yesterday’s blog: The words listed share this: If you take the first letter and swing it to the back of the word, it spells the word backwards.


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