If a wedding is in your future, read this article about questions couples should ask one another before marriage. And, if you’re already married, ignore the link. Number 7 on the list asks if there will be a television in the bedroom. That’s not the issue. The questions should be: will it be on? how often? what channels? and who’s in charge of the remote?

Tiger Woods and wife Elin are going to have a baby. Due Date is between the U.S. and British Opens.

Pathetic/bizarre news from Berlin: An unemployed man sold his six-year-old stepdaughter’s pet beagle to pay a $53 bar tab. The bar owner returned the pet. Wonder who’ll spend the night in the dog house?

Onto 2007 Revolutions

I like the idea of starting off a new year with “a sudden, radical or complete change” as opposed to “reach a decision about.” I can reach a decision that I’d rather be watching the sunset in Maui. Doesn’t make it happen.  But to change, now there’s the airplane ticket.

My changes for this year will be:

1. Devote attention to my spiritual body and feed myself with God’s word.

2. Commit to healthy eating.

3. Commit to five days a week of exercise.

4. FINISH my two WIPs.

5. Actively seek publication. . . with or without an agent.

6. Publish collection of my non-fiction writings.

7. Remember that every day that I wake up breathing is a good day.


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