Camy Tang, whose chick-lit series Single Sushi was just contracted by Zondervan (look for her first book 9/07), returned my edited synopsis this morning. In addition to writing, she also offers a critique service: The Story Sensei. God bless her fiction critiquing soul. So, today is devoted to reading and “processing” (gotta love those therapy terms) Camy’s notes and making cheesecakes. I know. I know. Bizarre.

So as not to leave you without entertainment, I offer the following for your amusement:

three famous commas

33 things you didn’t know had names

lesser known editing and proofreading marks

Oh, and I’m reading In Fact, The Best of Creative Nonfiction, edited by Lee Gutkind. If you read nothing else in the book (which won’t happen), the introduction by Annie Dillard and Gutkind’s “The Creative Nonfiction Police?” are, themselves, worth the price of the book. Just reading Dillard’s, “Follow your own weirdness.” gives me enough to return to the keyboard.



2 thoughts on “Lagniappe

  1. I had a critiue done by Camy also. She made some great comments and helped answer the question as to why my WIP kept getting rejected.

    BTW, welcome to Writer…Interrupted

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