Just thinking

1. Do you know people whose favorite, and perhaps only, exercise is jumping to conclusions?

2. It’s probably time to adjust the medication when you dissolve into tears watching a commercial for the Nutri-System Weight Loss program.

3. One of my students (I won’t mention his-Ben-name) observed that if I was two inches shorter ( I’m 4’11”), I would have to ride in a carseat.

4. A dinner with the governor garnered $1.00 at a recent auction in Monroe. Perhaps bidders thought she was cooking? The governor’s office could have upped the ante by offering Bobby Jindal as one of her dinner guests. But then he might be there soon anyway—-(a girl can dream, right?)

5. I just emailed my women’s fiction synopsis for critiquing. Now I know how my students feel when they turn in papers. . .

6. “God has no grandchildren.” (attributed to Billy Graham)


One thought on “Just thinking

  1. I can see where Billy Graham is coming from, but it would be sweet to see God as a grandfather/mother. With his cute little baking apron giving the grandchildren cookies as long as they promised not to tell Jesus. It would also be sweet to imagine you driving around in a car seat. My mom just looked over at me because I laughed out loud at apparently nothing.

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